Studio Policy

Private piano lessons are provided on a weekly basis in 45 and 60 minute time slots. Lessons are open to students age 8 and up. Students younger than 8 years of age may be taken at the teacher’s discretion for 30-minute lessons, and will require additional parental involvement.
Lesson topics include:
Ear training
Practice skills
Performance skills
Collaborative piano
Lead sheets (pop piano style)
Music history
through a variety of classical and popular repertoire, Baroque to contemporary.
Students should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start.
Enter the studio without knocking, to avoid disturbing any lessons in progress. Feel free to use the materials set out and the digital piano (with headphones on!).
Students are requested to come to lessons with hands washed, nails trimmed, and hair pulled back. Gum chewing is not permitted. Cell phones must be off or silent unless an urgent call is expected during the lesson.
Parents or other guests accompanying the student are welcome to make themselves comfortable in the studio area.


Group activities give students the opportunity to polish performance skills, meet other developing musicians, exchange ideas, and hear a variety of repertoire.

Lessons run from September to June. Details are on the Calendar page on this website.

A studio recital is held in June. Students may also participate in SSMTA recitals and events throughout the year. Participation is encouraged though not required.
Pieces are evaluated for readiness well ahead of the recital, to ensure a positive experience that builds confidence.
Friends and family are very welcome to attend all recitals. Small children are welcome, with parental supervision. Parents should be prepared to remove little noisemaking guests if necessary, to avoid distracting a performer.
Video is allowed. Cameras are allowed at the end of the recital, but not during the performance.
Families should arrive promptly and stay through the end. If you must arrive late or leave early, please do so only during applause.
Standard Dress for Recitals
Girls: party attire and comfortable dress shoes, avoiding tight, mini, or low-cut clothing, and loose long sleeves.
Boys: nice shirt, dress slacks, and dress shoes. Tie optional.


Evaluated Events
When planned and prepared for appropriately, these events are a wonderful and stimulating addition to musical training at any playing level. They provide goals, challenges, and differing viewpoints which students can enjoy and use to develop skills.
Students are eligible to participate in the SSMTA evaluation event.

Missed Lessons
Missed lessons may not be made up or credited, other than for emergency or severe weather. Students who are too ill to attend school should not attend their lesson. 1 free lesson is included in tuition as “sick time”.
For anticipated absences, students may swap lesson slots in the same week. Contact information for swaps is handed out. Advance notice of any absence or swap is expected.
Late arrivals will have what remains of the scheduled time.

Summer Lessons
Summer lesson options are announced in the Spring.

Lending Library
All books, print and recorded music, and games in the studio may be checked out.

Piano Explorer Magazine
This publication features composer bios, tips and compositions from other students, and games.

Subscription is optional and will be added to tuition.


Lesson Preparation
Students should be prepared with all music books, theory, and assignment books needed for the lesson. Students and parents are encouraged to call or email midweek with any questions.
Quality is more important than time; however, regular and frequent practice is essential.
Students needing extra help in doing regular practice will receive specific practice plans. Parental involvement is greatly beneficial.
The studio lending library also offers practice ideas and games.

Practice Environment
Fully-functioning tuned piano
Low-traffic area
No television in view
No computer within reach
Minimal interruptions
A supportive family!

Bag or other carrier for music
3-ring binder for single sheets
Pencil, sharpener, & eraser
Staff paper
Assignment book (prefer Alfred)

Game-based Learning
Music theory and ear training is available to tuition students through

Special Events
Recommended family-friendly music events and concerts and events are on the studio website. Suggestions are welcome!


Tuition Benefits
34 sessions of private lessons and workshops
1 bonus lesson (offsets sick or missed time)
Unlimited access to music games online
DVD of finished pieces
Year-end recital
Incentive prizes
Office supplies
Administrative costs

Tuition Rates
Lesson time    Year    Installment
30 minutes*    $900    $100
45 minutes    $1170    $135
60 minutes**    $1485    $165

* Very young beginners only.
** Recommended for advanced intermediate and above, as repertoire is more lengthy.
A lesson will be refunded upon teacher cancellation, severe weather, or serious family emergency. Rescheduling is also an option. Refund rates are $27/$35/$45 for 30/45/60-minute lessons.

Individual Lesson Rates
Lesson time    Rate
30 minutes    $30
45 minutes    $40
60 minutes    $50
Individual pricing applies to:
Occasional lessons
Supplements to yearly plan

Other Expenses
These expenses are billed when the decision is made to purchase them.
Music and supplies: At cost.
Listening CD: $5 (label & case)
Events: Typically $10-20, set by organizer.


Regular students enroll under a tuition program. Tuition is paid in 9 equal monthly installments. The first payment is required to hold a lesson spot. The remaining payments are due at the first lesson of the month, ending with the May payment. Payment for other expenses is due on the last day of the month billed.

Occasional students pay for each individual lesson. Payment for other expenses is due as the expenses occur.
Payment accepted by cash, check, or Paypal.
All fees paid are non-refundable.

Reasons for dismissal:
Repeated failure to attend lessons.
Repeated failure to prepare for lessons.
Behavior or attitude problems.
Nonpayment of tuition or other expenses.
Repeated failure to abide by studio policy.

Students may withdraw from lessons at any time. Payments are not refundable.
Every effort is urged to resolve issues before deciding to withdraw, as changes can be made to get past a plateau or regain enjoyment of music education.

Communication is mainly through email, unless another preference is stated. Emails, calls, and texts are welcome any time for questions, assignment help, or any discussion.